Horse Judging


Are You Ready to Defend Your Decision?

What: The Horse Judging contest gives members the chance to develop their horse evaluation skills through class evaluation and placings. Furthermore, participants learn how to defend their placings through oral reasons.

Who: Any 4-H member can participate regardless of what projects they are taking. Only senior members (ages 14-19) may judge in the state contest though. Junior members (ages 8-13) are eligible to participate in every other contest.

When: Practice starts in January or February and is held until the state contest in June. Members will participate in other contests leading up to the state contest. Practice is usually held once a week.

Awards: Individual and team honors for both Junior and Senior members are given at each county judging contest.

For more information check the Weld County 4-H Newsletter or contact Larry Hooker, Livestock Agent at:

Phone: 970-400-2093