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4-H Horse Projects

These projects are designed to provide you an opportunity to handle, care for and ride horses. 4-H members may own or lease the horse used in these projects. If two members of the family use the same horse, it must be on an equal basis. The member must have complete access to the horse at any time and must provide full care and management a majority of the time, whether the horse is owned or leased.

Counties may have additional ownership rules so check with your local Colorado State University Extension county office.

Horse Project

This project is for member’s ages 8-18 years old. This project is designed for members from beginners to experienced horsemen. Members will accomplish the following learning experiences:

  • Learn about horse behaviors
  • Identify parts of the horse
  • Learn about the breeds of horses
  • How to select a horse
  • Learn about grooming
  • Learn about saddling and bridling
  • Learn about safety and equipment
  • Learn about horsemanship
  • Learn how to judge horses and give oral reasons
  • How to detect unsoundness in horses
  • Learn about tack
  • How about training and showing
  • Learn about trail riding and riding skills
  • How to determine a horses age
  • How to read a feeding tag
  • How to do body condition scoring
  • Identifying and treating equine diseases
  • Reproduction
  • Horsemanship
  • Organizing a horse show
  • Horse psychology
  • Exploring horse careers

For specific information about the project, download the Horse Project Information Sheet.  All of the e-record books can be found on the Colorado 4-H website or you can find them at the link to the e-record books.


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