Market Sheep

flock of sheep

4-H Sheep Breeding Projects

The sheep project is designed to help you learn about more about the sheep industry. You will learn how to manage and care for your own flock of sheep.

Market Sheep

This project is for member’s ages 8-18 years old. This project is designed for those members who want to learn more about the sheep industry by starting his/her own flock. Members will accomplish the following learning experiences:

  • Learn about sheep
  • Learn to accept responsibility by having an animal to care for regularly
  • Learn the principles of animal nutrition and how to balance rations to feed your animals
  • Learn to care for, train and handle animal safely
  • Learn how to take care of equipment
  • Learn how to select meat-type lambs
  • Learn how to protect the health of sheep and proper feeding methods
  • How to show your animal
  • Learn the principles of livestock judging through participate in county judging program
  • Exhibit animal on tour, achievement day, or at a fair
  • Explore the career opportunities in the sheep industry


For specific information about the project, download the Market Sheep Project Information Sheet.  All of the e-record books can be found on the Colorado 4-H website or you can find them at the link to the e-record books.