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Cloverbud Ice Cream Party

Cloverbuds are invited to join the Youth Executive Council for an ice cream party @ 7pmon May 1 at the Exhibition Building. 
YEC members want to welcome all Cloverbud members to the 4-H Program.
For more info contact Teresa 970-400-2070 or

Cloverbud Member Book

  The Cloverbud program is designed for up to three years of a child’s life (ages 5,6 & 7).  4-H age is considered to be the age of the Cloverbud on December 31 of the previous year.  The 4-H year goes from September 1 to August 31.
  Cloverbud Members may download a Cloverbud Member Book to record his or her lessons and accomplishment through the year.  The main purpose of this booklet is to encourage youngsters to learn the life-long skill of keeping records.  Encourage your child to complete as much as he or she can himself or herself.  Parents also can be involved in completing this booklet.
  The booklet should be completed by the end of the 4-H year and turned in to the 4-H leader.  Cloverbuds who complete their member booklet may be recognized at the annual 4-H Recognition Night.  Speak with your local county Extension agent to learn more.  The Cloverbud Member book is designed to be used individually or for a Cloverbud Club Leader to incorporate into their program.
Enjoy your year as a Cloverbud!​

Cloverbud's Weld County 4-H Passport

New to Weld County 4-H is the Cloverbud Passport!  Through this passport, you will have the opportunity to experience Weld County and all that it has to offer (we've included a few places that will stretch our Weld County borders)!  When you visit one of the locations, take a picture of yourself there and put it into your passport on the matching page.  You can also include any brochures or handouts that you receive.  If you visit 8 or more of the places, you will receive a special prize at Recognition Night!  Passports are due back to the office by September 7th to be eligible for the prize.  You can participate in the Passport program as a club or individual!  So get out and start taking photos at some of these neat places!

Camp Cloverbud

Summer Camp Cloverbud is open to all youth ages 5-7 years old (as of December 31st of the previous year). Youth can attend a day camp on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at the Greeley Saddle Club, Rock House.  This year's theme is "COWBOY CAMP" and will include horse drawn wagons, chuckwagon cooking, trick roping, stick horse rodeo and much more!   Registration is required.
For more information about Summer Camp Cloverbud, please contact Teresa Johnson at 970-400-2070.

Cloverbud Graduation

Weld County 4-H would like to recognize our Cloverbud members who will be graduating into the regular 4-H program in 2019.  All Cloverbud members who are 7 by December 31 of 2017 will be honored during our 4-H Recognition Night Dinner celebration on October 2, 2018.  ALL Cloverbud members are invited to this exciting night were dinner will be served (free of charge) and the accomplishments of our members and leaders will be recognized.  RSVP before event please,  watch for coming details this fall.

A is for Aloha (Hawaii)

Picture of Hawaiian girl Contains: Discussion Questions, laminated vocab word, grass skirts,aloha-hawaii-postcard step-by-step Kids Hula Party Dances DVD, Hula Dancing Information, Lei Flowers and Beads, Yellow Yarn, Scissors, Lei Information, Tropical Fish Craft, Tropical Fish Information, 3D Fish Craft Kit, 8 Glue Bottles, State Song Lyrics, Volcano Information, Coloring Pages, Package of Colored Pencils, Fun Stickers Relates To: Hawaii Concept: Hawaii Culture

Jimmy's Boa and the Bungee Jump Slam Dunk (Snakes)

Jimmy's Boa and the Bungee Jump Slam Dunk Flyer
Contains: Discussion Questions, Snake Puppets, Limited Vocabulary Word, Snake Anatomy Diagram, Snake Part Labels, Snake Anatomy Answers, Two-headed Snakes, Coloring Pages, Package of Colored Pencils, I'm Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor CD and Song Instructions, Sneaky Snake Friend Activity (eyes, paper, pompoms), Glue Sticks, Snake Pictures, Lists of Snakes for Youth, Snake Basics, Tuning Forks, Feeling How a Snake Hears Activity

Relates to: Snakes

Concept: Snakes

Michael Recycle ( "Go Green" and Recycling)

Michael, Michael, Go Recycle! flyer
Contains: Discussion Questions, Michael Recycle Puppet Materials, Coloring Sheets, Maze, Laminated Vocabulary Word, Echo Worm Song, Recycle Sign, Worksheet for ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, Recycle Relay game instructions, Fun Worm Recipes

Relates To: Keeping Environment Clean

Concept: Recycle

Picture of Michael Recycle



Ice Cream Party Flyer

Cloverbud Record Book flyer

Click on the Cloverbud Member book image above to download YOUR OWN book!

Cloverbud Passport Flyer
Click on the Cloverbud Passport flyer above to download your own passport!

Camp Cloverbud flyer
Click on the Camp Cloverbud flyer, to register for Cowboy Camp!

Cloverbud graduation flyer